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Operation Theaters

There are 5 Operation Theatres designed and executed by MGI (UK) which is one of the world’s leading surgical suite construction and medical systems engineering specialists.  All the operating rooms are prefabricated modular construction units.  The walls are joint free, seamless and water resistant, with antifungal and antibacterial properties.

The flooring is 2 mm thick washable vinyl, which is laid seamless, with perfectly curved flush-coving. The control panel mounted flush in the theatre wall has time clock and handfree telephone, medical gas status alarm and humidity and temperature indicators.  A twin plate LCD X-ray viewing screen with a high level of control luminance without flicker is provided.  Storage units are mounted flush with the theatre wall.

A cascade pressure stabiliser controls room pressure; false ceiling constructed out of 1.6mm thick aluminum sheet has 5 hepa filters, having dust spot efficiency of 99.99%. 3 micron with laminar flow of filtered air conditioned air.  Recess mounted nonhydroscopic peripheral lights having compact fluorescent lamp and sigma digital ballast and advanced theatre lights from Maquet and user friendly pendants for Medical Gas etc make these operating rooms advanced state of the art operating theatres, where complex surgeries can be carried out very efficiently, with least fatigue for the Surgeons, Anesthetists, Nurses and Technicians.